Paola Pimentel


 I’m an abstract, self-taught artist, wife and mother of two. My work is non objective, it doesn’t depend on a reference nor appearance, to anything real of the visual world as a starting point. I don’t paint things or subjects. I paint moods, feelings and emotions coming from an experience conveyed to a message through the use of colors and textures. I work on canvas and paper, primarily using oil and acrylic paint, along with other mixed media and tools to achieve the desired effect. 

My creative process is very intuitive, I get so immersed into creating, that everything else around me usually turns into white noise. My studio time comes as a form of meditation, resulting in my work coming from a place of pure imagination, color inspiration and moods/vibes. Painting allows me to communicate my feelings, identity and beliefs, in a way that invites the viewer to be curious to study the work, in order to discover their own personal meaning of the piece, and to engage with the moods and feelings, resulting from the exploration of the same. My work represents the special connection and harmony, between the beauty of the primitive nature and our unique essence, emotions and feelings. I intend to inspire and empower the viewer, to embrace their own individuality, significance and uniqueness through the exploration of the arts.