About me

Hey there, new here? that totally makes my day!

I'm Paola, I also answer to Artist, Mommy, Babe, Maker, Feminist & Dreamer. 
I'm a Dominican artist living in Boston MA. Folklore, color and carnival is what runs through my veins. I'm a free spirited, passionate, lady boss with big dreams. A rebel with a cause...The bold type! 
Wanna know what lights me up besides making art? Traveling, I love to get to the roots of different cultures & the excitement of new adventures. I also love books, coffee, animals, rainy days, nature, & everything colonial! 
What's the special sauce that inspires my magical moments of creative spark? My obsession with texture, layers & color. I dream in aesthetics and color palettes. The rustic beauty of nature also gets me full of ideas and passion. I find enchanting magic in many places and my biggest joy is to convey that into my art. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to take your hand in mine, and cheer you on through my art as you make bold moves in this world.